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Why Codeless Development Is Critical for Small Businesses


When it comes to creating business apps to help drive business growth, small business is lagging behind. This can be attributed to the lack of expertise that a small business has on staff along with the lack of overall resources. The cost of outsourcing the development can be prohibitive, leaving small businesses to continue to use spreadsheets and other manual processes to get the information they need. But this approach leads to errors in reporting, lacks real-time visibility and prohibits growth.

That’s where the codeless development platform comes in. Versago’s codeless development enables anyone to build the self-service portals they need complete with forms, reports and dashboards using simple drag-and-drop steps. Since they don’t need to understand how to code, the lack of programming skill is no longer a roadblock for small businesses.

Some of the benefits of using a codeless development platform include:

  • Faster implementation and deployment of business-critical apps
  • Lower cost of development because the app doesn’t have to be outsourced
  • Freeing up IT to focus on revenue-generating apps while allowing the end user to build their own
  • Allows companies to build countless new apps with limited resources

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