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The IT Department Dilemma

Your department constantly receives requests to create reports for different departments. Then you’re expected to build customer or vendor portals to ensure that you're providing the information that everyone needs. But your resources are spread thin as you spend too much time reviewing the requests, determining priorities, and figuring out how much your department can realistically tackle. The other departments don’t understand why things are taking so long but your department can barely stay afloat with all the work being done.

The Solution

With Versago, you can easily create the real-time reports you need, build Web forms, launch portals, and much more. There’s no programming required so each department can use Versago to create what they need with simple drag-and-drop functionality. It frees your team up to focus on other key projects while everyone gets what they need.

Versago’s drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to create portals without having to know programming.

It enables Web forms to be created quickly and easily.

Departments can create dashboards to visually show key performance indicators.

Users can quickly build their own reports to gain invaluable insight.

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