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The Marketing Department Dilemma

Your department is under pressure to deliver leads to sales as fast as possible but your Web site can’t keep up. The forms on your site aren’t connected to your database so you have to manually enter each and every one. Instead of focusing on creating more marketing programs, you’re stuck dealing with time-consuming data entry processes. You’d also like visibility into the number of leads that have been generated, the lead sources, status and other key information to determine the effectiveness of your programs. But this is also a manual process and has to be manipulated in a spreadsheet to find any meaningful information.

The Solution

With Versago, you can easily add forms to your Web site that are integrated with your database. Once information is entered into the form, it’s immediately available to sales for follow-up. You can also use these forms when working on-site at a conference or tradeshow. Leads can be entered via a smartphone or tablet so no lead goes missing. Then you can improve your visibility into program results by launching a marketing dashboard that clearly shows the information you need.

Easily create Web forms that are integrated with your database so once information is entered, the lead is available for follow-up immediately.

View reports by lead source, date, or other criteria to clearly show the results you’ve achieved and gain insight into what’s working best.

Create a dashboard to visually show the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and programs.

Enter leads on a smartphone or tablet during a conference or tradeshow to ensure all leads are collected

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