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The Sales Manager Dilemma

As a sales manager, there’s pressure on you from all directions to ensure your sales team is meeting quotas and their pipeline is strong. In order to do this, you must have at your fingertips real-time information into individual performance, reports that you can drill down into, and a detailed look at leads and opportunities. In addition, you need to provide your sales team with their individual metrics, access to leads, and the ability to enter their own leads whether they’re in the office or on the go.

The Solution

With Versago, you can easily create real-time visualizations, dashboards, reports and lead entry forms. Build a Sales Manager dashboard to instantly view the information you need while also providing individual members of your sales team with a view of their own performance. Then give your team the ability to enter leads from their smartphones, tablets or other devices to ensure that all prospects are immediately available. This is especially critical when your team is working a tradeshow and they’re able to enter prospect information as soon as they meet them!

Easily create a Sales Manager Dashboard that provides you with a snapshot of your team’s performance.

Drill down in your reports to gain more insight into individual sales performance.

Enable your sales team to view their own metrics and performance

Provide your sales team with the ability to enter leads on the go and add sales activities, ensuring that a prospect’s information is always available

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